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I love music. If I am not listening to or reading about it I am singing something in my head or even out loud. And, car Karaoke is a favorite pastime of mine. I love finding new bands.  Either ones are truly new to the scene or just new to me. Rock is by far my favorite genre but I can get into others when the music is really good. A few years back when I heard of The Struts they quickly became one of my favorites. 

I was fortunate enough to see them open for the Foo Fighters. Of course FF put on one hell of a show even if Dave Grohl had some throat trouble. Fans all know he will power through no matter what happens to him. (Even if he falls off the stage and breaks his leg.)  It was during my first Foo Fighters concert in Des Moines, Iowa that I discovered a new favorite band…The Struts.

I had heard some of their songs but wasn’t that familiar with them. WOW! Color me impressed. They put on a fabulous show AND the singer Luke Spiller came out to sing Underpressure with Taylor Hawkins and with Grohl on the drums! IMPRESSIVE!

The Struts – Des Moines, IA July 2019

More recently I was able to see The Struts as the headliner. I had listened to tons of their music before hand so I was very familiar with the songs but I was unprepared for the LIVE show. Spiller is just a fireball. He dances, sings, get the audience involved, very Freddie Mercury like but with his own unique flare at the same time. My daughter and I were right up front and Adam Slack, the guitarist was on fire with his long blonde locks, adorably shy smile and kicking guitar rifs. Jed Elliott, the bassist, has this great lock of dark hair that curls down on his pretty face and he bops around the stage in his skinnies and boots. Gethin Davies, the barefoot, onesie wearing drummer, is all energy and sweat with his tongue hanging out frequently as he bangs those drums. They went full force the whole concert.  It is a very interactive show. Spiller MAKES you get involved. You’ll dance, sing, yell, and have THE BEST time you have ever had at a concert.

I follow the band and as well as the individual members on Instagram and they are so active you actually feel like you are on tour with them. They post fun videos, great pictures, and Davies is amazing at answering questions and commenting back to his fans. Their photo/video guy Bryson Roatch (he also gets to tour with Papa Roach and is an amazing photographer) is generous in sharing the photos and videos he captures while he was on tour with them. He is the genius behind their Do It So Well video (below). It is fun to see some BTS action from this band. They are fun and fresh and I just love them.

The Struts – July 2019

Dave Grohl, acknowledging that The Struts “don’t get a lot of love in England,” he said that the group are “best opening band we’ve ever had.”

I don’t know about you but, when Dave Grohl says something like this I take notice. As far as I am concerned he is a rock god and doesn’t say this kind of thing unless he means it!

They recently played at the MTV World Stage Seville with Green Day at the headliner. This small town Iowa girl wasn’t able to make that performance but I have seen many videos from the show. It is so amazing to see these guys and their growth as musicians. If you look back to videos from their first album and then watch current videos or see them live you can see they have become more confident and are perfecting their sound.

You can check out their latest album Young and Dangerous on Spotify and anywhere else you get your music. Rumor has it they are working on new music and this fan cannot wait for them to release some new stuff!

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