Ricardo Walker, Michael Jackson tribute artist.


A friend of mine posted one of Ricardo Walker’s video on Facebook and here I am, how many hours later, working through all the videos!!! This man is a genius. He is a Michael Jackson tribute artist and an amazing dancer. He has been working on his MJ dance moves since the age of 5. When Jackson passed away in 2009 Walker made a dance tribute video that of course went viral and the rest is history.

The King of Pop would be so proud of this video.

This is one of my favorite videos. It is the evolution of dance from 1950-2019. So much fun. The dance moves are amazing, the transitions are like butter and the costumes take you down a walk through memory lane.

Be sure to check out his YouTube page for MJ dance videos, as well as many other artists dance videos and Walker’s performances as MJ.

Bravo to Walker for finding a great way to celebrate the talent that was Michael Jackson.

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