Duran Duran are becoming Funko Pops!


Since as far back as I can remember Duran Duran has been a favorite of mine! They have stood the test of time and still make great music today. They took things to the next level with their music videos back in the day when MTV actually played music videos.

I have been requesting that Funko make 80s band pops for years….and finally they have delivered the ones I truly need for my collect:

These tiny boys will be joining my collection as soon as they are available. Look how cute they are! From the clothing and hair colors this is definitely a very early look for Duran Duran. Andy’s hair is blonde, John’s is red so this tells me it has to be early 80s. I love that all 5 OG band members are featured.

You can get other great band Pops like AC/DC, QUEEN, Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, Lemmy, RUSH, Guns N Roses, and many others.

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