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The Stew Report came about simply because I love music. I have always loved music. As far back as I can remember music has been a part of my life. I remember the day MTV started, yes, I am aging myself. As a teen I would turn on the radio before I would turn on a light in my room. My walls were covered with rock and roll posters. I would listen to the radio and wait for that favorite song to come on so I could make my mix tapes. I had a stack of my parents old albums and listened to them on an old turn table. I bought all the magazines that featured my favorite artists. Before the internet you couldn’t just google a lyric but there were magazines that printed them for you. Yes, I bought those also.

Music can do so much to lift your spirits, encourage you when you are down, make a bad day good and a great day incredible. I love the quote:

There are those songs that can transport you to a place in your past, happy or sad, the music can just get into your soul and make you remember those moments.

I don’t claim to be an expert at anything other than my love for music. I will use this site to write about what I love. If you have an interest in writing about music as well please reach out to me and we can chat about contributing to this site. thestewreport@gmail.com

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