Dave Grohl with Big Bird and Elmo??


Yes, that wasn’t a typo. Rock god Dave Grohl made a video with Big Bird and Elmo. The song is titled Here We Go. It’s kind of a catchy tune.

Sesame Street is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary and who better to celebrate with than Dave Grohl? In the video Grohl, along with Big Bird and Elmo travel the US to meet new friends. The trio sings “From my street to your street, whoa” as they journey along.

Grohl isn’t a stranger to the Muppets, in 2015 Grohl and Animal had an iconic drum off that ended like pretty much every Nirvana concert.

Check out the new video below and be sure to check out Foo Fighters new release, which an EP of B-sides called 02050525. This was released for the 25th celebration of the band.

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