Kelsy Karter covers Machine Gun Kelly


Check out this amazing Machine Gun Kelly cover by Kelsy Karter.

Kelsy Karter has an amazing voice and stage presence. During our COVID quarantine she has given us some great content. Her most recent release, “Devil on my Shoulder” is an amazing song with excellent lyrics.

I swore I’d never dance with you again Keep safe from the devil on my shoulder But you, know me so well And you, drag me to hell I can’t keep safe from the devil on my- Keep safe from the devil on my shoulder.

I love the official video but this quarantine version is HOT HOT HOT! Check it out!

I am on Karter’s text notification list and she sends out a text today asking fans to check out her most recent cover. It is an acoustic cover of Machine Gun Kelly’s “Bloody Valentine” and let me tell you it is bloody delicious!!! And talk about delicious, she has her main man Adam Slack, from The Struts, playing guitar on this one!!

Take a listen.

I freaking love it!!! Be sure to share this so she can get the exposure she deserves and to get more people to know the talent that is Kelsy Karter!!!

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